How Much Money Do You Make?

Is that question too personal? Why? From a young age we are taught that money is a taboo topic – that it’s rude to ask how much your friends’ parents make or to talk about how much your parents’ make. Why is that? What if we knew exactly how much all of our co-workers made? Would that level the playing field, and maybe even begin to carve in to the wage gap we see between men and women in the same job? As a state employee, you can see how much I make on This goes a long way at my company to pull back the curtain and begin an open dialogue that you don’t find at other companies.


I think being open and honest about every aspect of your financial life is a good start down the path to financial freedom. Money isn’t a shameful topic – we shouldn’t be driven by the fear or embarrassment we feel. If you’re in credit card debt, let’s talk about how you plan to get out and see where you are in a year. You shouldn’t have to carry that burden alone. If you’re taking on student or car loans, devise a timeline with your family to pay them off and decrease your financial burden. It’s time to own the emotions we tie to our finances and begin down the path to a comfortable and rewarding future by realistically working towards our goals.

How do you feel about others knowing how much money you make and why do you feel that way? Let me know in the comments below.


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